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This document describes how to import TRTC Web SDK into your project.

Supported Platforms

The TRTC Web SDK supports all major browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. For a list of browsers supported by TRTC, see Supported Platforms.

Import SDK to your project

By npm

1. Use npm to install trtc-sdk-v5 package in your project.
npm install trtc-sdk-v5 --save
2. Import the module in the project script.
import TRTC from 'trtc-sdk-v5';

By script

1. Download SDK file trtc.js from Github.
2. Add the following code to your webpage:
<script src="trtc.js"></script>

Enter Room

After import SDK to your project, you can use TRTC to enter a room, please refer to: Enter Room.