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Cross-platform global connection

TRTC is a cross-platform solution compatible with more than 5,000 device models. It provides client SDKs and Tencent Cloud APIs for both mobile and desktop platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and web.

Easy and quick integration

You can run a TRTC demo and integrate basic TRTC features into your project with a few lines of simple code. In as little as one minute, you can build a high quality real-time audio/video communication product from scratch featuring low latency and low stutter rate. For detailed directions, see API Examples and SDK Quick Integration.

Scenario-specific components

TRTC provides a rich set of components to help you quickly implement features such as audio chat, conferencing, interactive live streaming, and interactive teaching. For detailed directions, see Building a demo.

Low latency

TRTC offers reliable and secure network connection across the globe. It uses Tencent Cloud’s self-developed multi-level addressing algorithm and can connect to nodes across the entire network. Abundant high-bandwidth resources and globally-distributed edge servers allow it to maintain an average end-to-end latency of below 300 ms across different countries and regions.

Low stutter rate

TRTC reduces stutter through intelligent QoS control and optimized encoding. It guarantees high-quality, smooth, and stable audio/video communication even under poor network conditions (packet loss over 80% and network jitter over 1,000 ms).

High video/audio quality

TRTC supports 720p and 1080p video and allows video calls even under a packet loss rate of 70%. It supports 48 kHz audio and uses the industry-leading 3A technologies of Tencent Ethereal Audio Lab to remove echo and howling. End-to-end 128 Kbps bitrate and dual channels ensure a clear and immersive audio interaction experience.