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Console Guide
  • Application Management
    • Creating Application
    • Overview
    • Function Configuration
    • Callback Configuration
  • Package Management
  • Usage Statistics
    • Interactive Audio/Video
    • On-Cloud Recording
    • On-Cloud MixTranscoding
    • Relay to CDN
  • Monitoring Dashboard
    • Call Data
      • Call List
      • Call Details
      • End-to-End Details
    • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Development Assistance
    • UserSig Generation and Verification
  • Selection of Service region
Console Guide

Callback Configuration

The Event callback service notifys your server of real-time audio and video service events in the form of HTTP/HTTPS requests. The Event callback service integrates some events in the Room Event and Media Event groups. You can fill in the callback configuration information on the Tencent RTC console by following the instructions below. After the configuration is complete, you can receive the callback event notification.


1. Go to the TRTC console and select Application Management.
2. Select the application whose callback you want to configure and click in the right operation column to Manage.
3. On the application details page, click the Callback Configuration TAB to set the callback configuration information.

Set the callback key and URL

1. Click in the upper right corner of the callback Configuration TAB to edit.
2. Set the callback key (optional) based on service requirements.
3. Enter a callback URL based on service requirements (required):
Room event callback: Event notification for creating/dissolving rooms, entering/exiting rooms, etc.
Media event callback: Start/stop push video data, start/stop push audio data, start/stop push auxiliary route data and other event notifications.
Recording callback: It is used to call back events related to the on-cloud recording function, and supports event notification of the start and exit of the on-cloud recording module, the start of the cloud recording upload module, and the end of the upload.
Relay to CDN callback: Event callbacks used to enable the Relay to CDN function.

Callback URL Protocol header: HTTP, HTTPS, and can contain only the following characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, -, _, and? , %, =, #,., /, and + contain a maximum of 2083 characters.
4. Click Confirm to successfully set the callback URL.