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Starter Deal! First 3 month from only  $9.9 /month!
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  • License Required for Video Playback in New Version of LiteAV SDK
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License Required for Video Playback in New Version of LiteAV SDK

We have released version 10.1 of the LiteAV SDK for mobile devices (Android, iOS, and Flutter). The new version uses the same playback engine that powers Tencent Video and comes with optimized playback features. For details, see What’s New.
In this new version, you will need a license to use the video playback module.
You can apply for a license for free to use the live and on-demand playback capabilities of the new SDK. For detailed directions, see Free License. You don’t need a license if you don’t use the video playback features or if you haven’t updated to v10.1 or later versions.
If your app already has a live streaming license or UGSV license, you can continue to use the video playback features after updating to v10.1. You can view your license information in the CSS console or the VOD console.

Free License

Since v10.1, you need a license to use the video playback module of the SDK. Follow the steps below to apply for a license for free:
1. Log in to the TRTC console. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up first.
2. Select Relevant Cloud Services on the left sidebar. In the Licenses area, click Create official license, enter the information as required, and click Confirm.

What’s New

The new LiteAV SDK is powered by Tencent’s proprietary playback engine, which has been improved continuously over the years and has been tested by numerous services. The new SDK increases performance by 30-50% over built-in players, is easy to integrate, and has been optimized for business customers, with excellent bandwidth control to help you boost your revenue. It also features Top Speed Codec transcoding, content protection, end-to-end data monitoring, and scenario-specific low-code integration, making it the first of its kind in the industry and a leading-edge, enterprise-grade video playback solution.
Tencent Video’s playback engine
For the first time, Tencent offers the playback capabilities of its Tencent Video product to the public, giving the LiteAV SDK new advantages such as superior audio/video experience, accurate seeking, offline playback, as well as smoother, more stable playback and better compatibility.
New formats
The new SDK adds support for formats including QUIC, AV1, and H.266, meeting needs in more scenarios and helping you reduce costs by cutting bandwidth usage by 20-55% from the existing H.264 and H.265 formats.
New content protection solution
In addition to proprietary protocol encryption, local encryption, and hotlink protection, the new SDK introduces a DRM encryption scheme based on well-established DRM technologies, offering full protection for your content.
Video quality enhancement
The new SDK adds support for HDR10 video playback. It also offers Top Speed Codec transcoding solutions to help you reduce bandwidth usage without compromising playback experience.
Scenario-specific low-code integration
We offer code for application scenarios such as short videos and video feeds, as well as capabilities including thumbnail generation, dynamic watermarking, and playlist playback to help you quickly build your apps at low costs.