Release Notes (Web)

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A version number is in the format of major.minor.patch.
major: Major version number. If there is major version refactoring, this field will be incremented. Generally, the APIs of different major versions are not compatible with each other.
minor: Minor version number. The APIs of different minor versions are compatible with each other. If there is a new or optimized API, this field will be incremented.
patch: Patch number. If there is a feature improvement or bug fix, this field will be incremented.
Please update to the latest version in a timely manner for service stability and better online support.
For version upgrade precautions, please refer to: Upgrade Guide.

Version 5.2.1 @2023.11.08

Add 'captureVolume' parameter to API startLocalAudio & updateLocalAudio.
Support TRTC.EVENT.DEVICE_CHANGED event on mobile phone. You can implement the feature that auto switch to new microphone when a new headset is connected based on this event. Refer to Handle Device Change.
Bug Fixed
Fix the issue that local microphone is muted after switching microphone.
Fix the issue that the mediaType of TRTC.EVENT.PUBLISH_STATE_CHANGED is wrong after stopScreenShare.

Version 5.2.0 @2023.10.31

Improve the success rate of device capture.
Optimize the mirror processing logic of "Picture-in-Picture mode".
When the user's system rejects the browser permission, RtcError.handler() can be called to jump to the system authorization settings and guide the user to turn on the permission quickly. Refer to 5302.
Bug Fixed
Fixed a occasional issue that remote audio is not playing in low version of Chrome.

Version 5.1.3 @2023.09.11

trtc.setRemoteAudioVolume supports setting the volume higher than 100 to gain the remote playback volume.
Avoided iOS 15.1 bug that caused page crash when switching camera.
Bug Fixed
Fix the issue that Firefox stopLocalVideo and then restart startLocalVideo failed.
Fix the issue that Firefox fails to capture camera with certain resolution, e.g. 640 * 360.
Fix the issue of remote video not playing occasionally.

Version 5.1.2 @2023.08.25

Reduce time cost to enter a room.
Bug Fixed
Fix the issue that webpack package build of trtc.esm.js occasionally reporting errors.
Fix the issue that startLocalAudio passing in custom capture audioTrack does not work.

Version 5.1.1 @2023.08.18

Default video profile changed to 480p_2 to reduce uplink bandwidth consumption.
Avoid the Chrome Bug that Android Chrome 115 occasionally fails to encode at resolutions lower than 360p.
Bug Fixed
Fix the issue that cannot enter room or startLocalVideo on Windows Chrome 57 and iOS Safari 12.
Fix the issue that the video bitrate is abnormal on Dashboard.

Version 5.1.0 @2023.08.11

Breaking Change
Restrict the roomId parameter of the trtc.enterRoom interface to be of number type and no longer support passing in string type. If you want to use a string roomId, please use the strRoomId parameter. When upgrading, please pay attention, see Upgrade Guide for details.
Support background music plugin, refer to the tutorial: Implement Background Music.
Support AI noise reduction plugin, refer to tutorial: Implement AI Denoise.
Bug Fixed.
Fix the issue that setting screen sharing capture resolution does not work.
Fix the issue of occasional playback failure of remote screen sharing.

Version 5.0.3 @2023.07.31

Optimize the reconnection mechanism to improve the stability of network connection.
Bug Fixed
Fix the issue that when calling trtc.stopRemoteVideo to stop the main video, the sub video is also stopped.

Version 5.0.2 @2023.07.21

Optimize the performance and weak network resistance in multi-person call.
Optimize device capture logic to avoid the issue that some Lenovo devices cannot turn on the camera.
Optimize the capture parameters of screen sharing to avoid the issue of occasional frame dropping in long-time screen sharing.
Bug Fixed
Fix the issue that the small stream bit rate setting does not take effect.
Fix the issue that systemAudio parameter does not work.
Fix the issue that video tag is not destroyed after remote user screen sharing stopped.

Version 5.0.1 @2023.06.25

Support playing video with multiple view at the same time.
Bug Fixed
Fix the issue that screen sharing cannot be restarted after clicking the browser hover window to close screen sharing.

Version 5.0.0 @2023.05.26

The new architecture version of the TRTC Web SDK provides a flat interface that dramatically simplifies the API and reduces access costs. Features of the new API:

Flatter APIs that are easier to access.
Better stability.
Better performance.