Billing of Monitoring Dashboard

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Monitoring Dashboard allows you to query call details. It is charged as a subscription.
After you subscribe to a Monitoring Dashboard package, the features of the corresponding edition will become available automatically.


Querying call details
Free Edition
Standard Edition
Query via console
Data retention
3 days
14 days
Query using RESTful APIs*
Data latency
10 seconds
Real time
* For how to use APIs to query call details, see "Server APIs > Call Quality Monitoring APIs".


Monthly subscription

Standard Edition
Price (USD/month)
Monitoring Dashboard usage (min/month)*
* Your Monitoring Dashboard usage is equal to your total audio/video duration. For more information, see Pay-As-You-Go.

Managing Packages

Subscribing to a package

Follow the steps below to subscribe to a Monitoring Dashboard package:
Method 1:
1. Visit the purchase page.
2. Select Standard, check the agreement, and click Buy now.
3. Make the payment.

Method 2:
1. Log in to the TRTC console.
2. Select Data Monitoring > Monitoring Dashboard on the left sidebar.
3. Click Switch to Official edition in the top right.
4. Select Standard, check the agreement, and click Buy now.
5. Make the payment.


If you want to unsubscribe from Monitoring Dashboard, please submit a ticket.