Overview (TUIRoomKit)

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Conference (TUIRoomKit) is a product suitable for multi-person audio and video conversation scenarios such as business meetings, webinars, and online education. By integrating this product, you can add room management, member management, screen sharing, and other functions to your App in just three steps within a day, quickly launching your business. The basic function display is as shown below:


Fast integration: Provide open source components with UI, only need to modify a few lines of code, you can quickly launch multi-person audio and video conversation functions, saving 90% development time.
Cross-platform global interconnection: Support iOS, Android, Web, Electron, Windows and other platforms' TUIRoomKit components to join, mutual invitation to join and other functions, interconnectivity.
Deep customization of multi-person audio and video conversation scenes: Provide exclusive functions such as room management, member management, conference floating window, etc., to meet the needs of various scenes such as online meetings, webinars, etc.
Flexible customization with UI: Provide open source components of standard meeting UI, which can be flexibly modified according to business scenarios to match requirements.

Use Cases

Multi-person audio and video conversation interaction, covering business meetings, webinars, online education, online recruitment, and audio chat rooms.

Development Environment

Specific platform support and development environment requirements for TUIRoomKit are shown in the table below:
Development environment requirements
Supports iOS 12.0 and above versions of iPhone or iPad real machine
Project has been configured with a valid developer signature
Minimum compatibility with Android 4.4 (SDK API Level 19), recommended to use Android 5.0 (SDK API Level 21) and above versions
Android Studio 3.5 and above versions (Gradle 3.5.4 and above versions)
Android 4.4 and above mobile devices
Visual Studio 2015 and above integrated development environment
QT5.9.1 and above versions of Qt development library
Qt Visual Studio Tools 2.2.0 and above development plugin for VS
Minimum supported system: Windows 8.1
Please make sure your integrated development environment can develop normally
Recommended to use desktop Chrome 56+
Supports Windows 7 and above versions, Mac OS 10.10 and above versions
Supports Electron 4.0.0 and above versions, recommended to use the latest version of Electron SDK

Function and Billing Overview

TUIRoomKit is currently in the internal testing stage, and the room management, microphone control, and other capabilities provided by the SDK are temporarily free of charge. For detailed information on product internal testing, please refer to the announcement about multi-person audio and video Conference internal testing.
Function description is shown in the table below:
Function Type
Function Description
UI View
Meeting Floating Window
Meeting Interface Floating
Custom UI
Support custom adjustment of meeting UI layout
Room Management Capability
Create/Destroy/Join/Exit Room
Create, destroy, join, and exit the meeting room
Single/All Mute Video/Mute Mic/Mute Chat
Mute video, mic, and chat for single or all users
Kick Out of Room (Meeting)
Support kicking specified users out of the meeting room
In-room Text Messages
Participants send text messages
Custom Room Information
Customize room description, name, etc.
Screen Sharing
Participants share computer screen in meeting
Audio and video call capability
Multi-person Audio/Video Call
Support up to 300 participants, 50 people on mic, if you need to increase the limit, please submit a ticket to contact us
Turn On/Off Camera
Participants turn on/off camera
Turn On/Off Mic
Participants turn on/off mic
Mic Volume Adjustment
Participants adjust mic volume
AI-powered noise cancellation
Effectively filter background noise with AI capabilities, restore call quality
Optional SD, HD, FHD, 2K
Multi-terminal login
Multi-terminal Login Meeting
Connect on any platform, automatically stop access requests from other terminals
Same platform Multi-terminal login Conference
Support same platform (such as multiple iOS devices) login

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