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Console Guide
  • Application Management
    • Creating Application
    • Overview
    • Function Configuration
    • Callback Configuration
  • Package Management
  • Usage Statistics
    • Interactive Audio/Video
    • On-Cloud Recording
    • On-Cloud MixTranscoding
    • Relay to CDN
  • Monitoring Dashboard
    • Call Data
      • Call List
      • Call Details
      • End-to-End Details
    • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Development Assistance
    • UserSig Generation and Verification
  • Selection of Service region
Console Guide

Relay to CDN

The statistics of the TRTC console's Relay to CDN usage are mainly used to display the details of the bypass push service provided by TRTC. If you use the third-party repush billing provided by the CSS, go to the CSS console to view the statistics.


The data is updated every 5 minutes instead of in real time, so there may be a delay of 5-180 minutes in the display of statistics.


1. Go to the TRTC console, select Usage Statistics in the left column, and select Relay to CDN on the page.

2. Select the application you want to view, and select a time range (using the bandwidth charging mode as an example).

Usage Details

The detailed records show peak bandwidth in five-minute intervals or daily peaks, with monthly peaks used for billing. Estimate your monthly costs by examining the detailed logs, but refer to the Billing Center for the actual charges.