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Features & Server APIs
  • On-Cloud Recording
  • Relay to CDN
  • RTMP Streaming with TRTC
  • Event Callbacks
    • Event Callbacks
    • Relay to CDN Callback
    • Verify Signature Example
  • Sending and Receiving Messages
  • Access Management
    • Overview
    • Manageable Resources and Actions
    • Preset Policies
    • Custom Policies
  • Enabling Advanced Permission Control
  • How to push stream to TRTC room with OBS WHIP
  • Server APIs
    • API Category
    • History
    • Making API Request
      • Request Structure
      • Common Params
      • Signature v3
      • Signature
      • Responses
    • Room Management APIs
      • SetUserBlockedByStrRoomId
      • SetUserBlocked
      • RemoveUser
      • DismissRoom
      • RemoveUserByStrRoomId
      • DismissRoomByStrRoomId
    • Call Quality Monitoring APIs
      • DescribeRoomInfo
      • DescribeUserEvent
      • DescribeCallDetailInfo
      • DescribeUserInfo
      • DescribeScaleInfo
    • Pull Stream Relay Related Interface
      • StartStreamIngest
      • StopStreamIngest
      • DescribeStreamIngest
    • On-cloud Recording APIs
      • CreateCloudRecording
      • DescribeCloudRecording
      • ModifyCloudRecording
      • DeleteCloudRecording
    • Stream Mixing and Relay APIs
      • UpdatePublishCdnStream
      • StartPublishCdnStream
      • StopPublishCdnStream
    • Usage Statistics APIs
      • DescribeTrtcUsage
      • DescribeRecordingUsage
      • DescribeMixTranscodingUsage
      • DescribeRelayUsage
      • DescribeTrtcRoomUsage
    • Data Types
    • Error Codes
    • Appendix
      • Event ID Mapping Table
Features & Server APIs


1. API Description

Domain name for API request:

Push an online media stream to the TRTC room.

A maximum of 20 requests can be initiated per second for this API.

We recommend you to use API Explorer
Try it
API Explorer provides a range of capabilities, including online call, signature authentication, SDK code generation, and API quick search. It enables you to view the request, response, and auto-generated examples.

2. Input Parameters

The following request parameter list only provides API request parameters and some common parameters. For the complete common parameter list, see Common Request Parameters.

Parameter NameRequiredTypeDescription
ActionYesStringCommon Params. The value used for this API: StartStreamIngest.
VersionYesStringCommon Params. The value used for this API: 2019-07-22.
RegionYesStringCommon Params. For more information, please see the list of regions supported by the product. This API only supports: ap-bangkok, ap-jakarta, ap-mumbai, ap-singapore.
SdkAppIdYesIntegerTRTC's SdkAppId, the same as the SdkAppId corresponding to the Record room.
RoomIdYesStringTRTC's RoomId, the RoomId corresponding to the Record TRTC room.
RoomIdTypeYesIntegerType of TRTC RoomId. 【*Note】Must be the same as the RoomId type corresponding to the Record room: 0: String type RoomId 1: 32-bit Integer type RoomId (default)
UserIdYesStringUserId of the Pull stream Relay Robot, used to enter the room and initiate the Pull stream Relay Task.
UserSigYesStringUserSig corresponding to the Pull stream Relay Robot UserId, i.e., UserId and UserSig are equivalent to the Robot's Login password for entering the room. For the specific Calculation method, please refer to the TRTC UserSig Scheme.
SourceUrl.NYesArray of String
Source URL. Example value: https://a.b/test.mp4
PrivateMapKeyNoStringTRTC room permission Encryption ticket, only needed when advanced permission control is enabled in the Console. After enabling advanced permission control in the TRTC Console, TRTC's backend service system will verify a so-called [PrivateMapKey] 'Permission ticket', which contains an encrypted RoomId and an encrypted 'Permission bit list'. Since PrivateMapKey contains RoomId, providing only UserSig without PrivateMapKey does not allow entry into the specified room.
VideoEncodeParamsNoVideoEncodeParamsVideo Codec Parameters. Optional, if not filled, Keep original stream Parameters.
AudioEncodeParamsNoAudioEncodeParamsAudio Codec Parameters. Optional, if not filled, Keep original stream Parameters.

3. Output Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescription
TaskIdStringThe Task ID of the Pull stream Relay. The Task ID is a unique identifier for a Pull stream Relay lifecycle process, and it loses its meaning when the task ends. The Task ID needs to be saved by the business as a parameter for the next operation on this task.
RequestIdStringThe unique request ID, generated by the server, will be returned for every request (if the request fails to reach the server for other reasons, the request will not obtain a RequestId). RequestId is required for locating a problem.

4. Example

Example1 启动输入在线媒体流


Input Example

Content-Type: application/json
X-TC-Action: StartStreamIngest
<common request parameters>

    "SdkAppId": 1234567890,
    "RoomId": "room123",
    "UserId": "robot123",
    "UserSig": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "PrivateMapKey": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "RoomIdType": 1

Output Example

    "Response": {
        "TaskId": "-gCTFWtU7t7DUlo7A8IswFszO9z2O-rbERqJAoK-4pycoZXKjIAAnasdcasdOEycyX4CnzhIm4RAQ..",
        "RequestId": "71993312-6ab8-4768-9124-118e0a20c45f"

5. Developer Resources


TencentCloud API 3.0 integrates SDKs that support various programming languages to make it easier for you to call APIs.

Command Line Interface

6. Error Code

The following only lists the error codes related to the API business logic. For other error codes, see Common Error Codes.

Error CodeDescription
FailedOperation.RestrictedConcurrencyMaximum number of concurrent on-cloud recording tasks reached. Contact us to raise the limit.
FailedOperation.TaskExistTask already exists
InternalError.HttpParseFailedHTTP request parsing failed.
InternalError.InternalErrorInternal error, please retry.
InvalidParameter.BodyParamsErrorFailed to parse body parameters.
InvalidParameter.RoomIdRoomId is incorrect.
InvalidParameter.SdkAppIdSdkAppId is incorrect.
InvalidParameter.StrRoomIdStrRoomId parameter error.
InvalidParameter.TaskIdTaskId parameter error.
MissingParameter.RoomIdRoomId is missing.
MissingParameter.SdkAppIdSdkAppId is missing.
MissingParameter.TaskIdTaskId parameter missing.
ResourceInsufficient.RequestRejectionInsufficient resources.