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SDK 통합

This document describes how to quickly integrate the Chat SDK for Unity to your projects. To configure and integrate the SDK, follow these steps.

Environment Requirements

2019.4.15f1 or later
Android Studio 3.5 or later; devices with Android 4.1 or later for apps
Xcode 11.0 or later. Ensure that your project has a valid developer signature.

UPM Integration (Recommended)

1. Find the manifest.json file:

2. Modify it as follows:
3. Open the project in the Unity Editor, wait until dependencies are loaded, and confirm the Tencent Cloud Chat is successfully loaded.

4. This is a test step. You can download IM_Api_Example and put it in your project after decompression.

IM_Api_Example is a demo used to test the callback data of the SDK's API. You can also call the API during early project development to manipulate your project.
Drag all the scenes under the IM_Api_Example/Assets folder to Build Settings, and make sure that the Main scene is put at the first place.

Double-click the Main scene under IM_Api_Example/Assets to start the demo. Here, you can select the language.


on the right of the header and enter the information.

Click InitSDK and Login in Base Module for initialization and login. Then you can call the APIs available in IM_Api_Example.