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이모티콘과 스티커

This document describe how to implement sticker module in Tencent Cloud Chat Flutter UIKIt.
Two types of stickers, are available in Message widget, shows in the following list:
Sticker Type
Integrate within Text
Sending Scheme
Rending Scheme
Small image
Text Message
Image name
The image is automatically matched against the local image assets by name.
Enabled as default , with one set of default packages, while adding new packages and cutmization are also support.
One set of default packages are provided, shown as the screenshots below.
Large image
Sticker Message
baseURL plus the image file name, which form the path of the emoji image asset
The asset resources are parsed based on the path.
Images are stored as assets, and are defined in List
Small Image
(Designed by us)
Tencent Large Image
Small image
Large image
Enabled as default
located at first
Not provided as default, this packages comes from customize configuration from our Sample App.
Figure 1
Figure 1

Figure 2
Figure 2


First, install the tencent_cloud_chat_sticker plugin:
flutter pub add tencent_cloud_chat_sticker
To enable the plugin, add the following code to the plugins list in initUIKit:
name: "sticker",
initData: TencentCloudChatStickerInitData(
userID: TencentCloudChatLoginData.userID,
pluginInstance: TencentCloudChatStickerPlugin(
context: context,
In the TencentCloudChatStickerInitData object, you can select which default sticker sets to enable and add additional sticker sets to suit your needs.