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Function Description

This article mainly introduces how to share system audio in TRTC Web SDK.

Implementation Process

To share system audio on the web, you need to use it together with screen sharing. It is not possible to share system audio without screen sharing.


await trtcA.startScreenShare({ option: { systemAudio: true }});
Check Share system audio in the screen sharing selection box and click Share. After publishing to the room, other users in the room will receive the

If a microphone is captured while sharing system audio, the system audio will be mixed with the local microphone and published.

Supported Browsers

Share System Audio only supports browsers based on Chromium version 74+, such as Chrome, Edge, Opera, and so on. Other browsers are not supported at this time, e.g. Safari, Firefox.
Chrome for Windows & Chrome OS supports sharing system audio + tab audio.
Chrome for MacOS & Linux only supports sharing the tab audio.
Chrome for Android & iOS does not support this.