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메시지 읽음 확인


Read receipt for both one-to-one and group chat are supported since the version of 0.0.8 of Flutter TUIKit.
Read receipt for group chat works with Premium Edition only.


One-to-one Chat

Shows with 'Read' / 'Unread' on the left side of the messages.

Group Chat

The circle on the left side of the messages indicates the amount of members reading the messages. And the details can be shown after clicking it.

Message list

Read receipt details

Read Member
Unread Member

Using this module

Several fields of the "Read Receipt" function switch have been provided at config of TIMUIKitChat. For those Boolean field, the default value are true.
config: TIMUIKitChatConfig(
isShowReadingStatus: true or false, // 【One-to-one Chat】Whether to display the read receipt of One-to-one Chat messages
isShowGroupReadingStatus: true or false, // 【Group Chat】Whether to display the read receipt of Group Chat messages
isReportGroupReadingStatus: true or false, // 【Group Chat】Whether to mark and report the messages from Group Chat as read
groupReadReceiptPermissionList: [
], // 【Group Chat】Control which types of groups can mark messages as read.
// ... Other configurations
// ... Other configurations

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