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Special offer for new TRTC customers! Save  $100 on your first subscription.
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Creating Application

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TRTC manages different businesses or projects in the form of applications. You can create different applications for different businesses or projects on the TRTC console to isolate business or project data.


Each Tencent Cloud account can create up to 300 TRTC applications.

Create an application

1. Log in to the TRTC console and choose Overview > Create an application now.

2. Click Create Application, select a product based on service requirements, enter the application name, select a service region, and configure labels for the application as required.
At the same time, you can choose to receive 7 days free trail for Call. The RTC Engine Free Trial includes basic and value-added audio and video capabilities. Please refer to the function and billing description for the monthly package.

The application name contains a maximum of 15 characters, including digits, Chinese and English characters, and underscores (_).
3. Click Create application to create the application successfully!

View Application list

After the application is created, find Application Management in the lower right corner of the overview. The application information is displayed in the application list.

The information displayed includes SDKAppID/Application name, Region, Status, Edition information, Expiration time, Tag, Secret key, as well as Manage, Buy package, Usage Statistics three functions are included in the Operation.

The SDKAppID, which is automatically generated after an application is created, is the unique identifier of the application. You need to provide this parameter when invoking the voice API interface.
Application name
User-defined application name during application creation.
The region selected when creating the application.
The service status of the current application can be normal or disabled.
When the service status shows "disabled", if it is not active, please check whether the package allowance is 0 and whether the Tencent Cloud account is overdue.
Edition information
By default, the TRTC application is the Free Trail version. You can enable the advanced version to unlock value-added functions based on service requirements. Function and billing description
Expiration time
Application creation and expiration dates
The label value set in the application information.
Used to identify and organize your various resources in the Tencent Cloud. For example, an enterprise may have multiple business departments, and each department has one or more TRTC applications. In this case, the enterprise can add labels to the TRTC applications to mark the department information
Secret key
Used to initialize the key information of the SDK configuration file.
Support Manage, Usage statistics, and buy package.

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