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Billing of Recording Delivery

Recording delivery is a paid feature of TRTC. It allows you to send recording files generated by TRTC to a storage bucket you specify.

Billing Rules

Billing mode: Monthly pay-as-you-go
Billing cycle: Monthly. Recording delivery fees each month are calculated and deducted the following month at the time of billing. The actual billing time may vary.
 If a recording task produces multiple recording files, recording delivery fees will be incurred for each of them.
Recording delivery is a service you may need if you record TRTC calls on the cloud.
To ensure data security and reliability, TRTC saves recording files in Tencent Cloud VOD by default. This may incur VOD media storage fees and VOD playback acceleration fees.
 If recording is enabled for a room, a recording robot will join the room as an audience member and will subscribe to the audio/video streams that need to be recorded. This will incur audio/video duration fees.

Billing Formula

Recording delivery fees = Recording file duration x Unit price (determined by the target storage and resolution)


The table below lists the unit costs of the recording delivery feature:
Billing Type
Price (USD/1,000 Min)
Deliver to Tencent Cloud storage
Deliver to third-party storage
The resolution type is determined by a video's total number of pixels. For example, if a video is 720 x 360 pixels, its resolution type will be HD because its total number of pixels is smaller than 1280 x 720.
As part of a special campaign launched by TRTC together with VOD, if you save recording files generated by TRTC to VOD, we will waive the recording delivery fees. If you save recording files to other storage services, for example, Tencent Cloud COS, recording delivery fees will be incurred.

Usage Calculation

TRTC calculates recording delivery usage by adding up the audio/video duration of each recording file generated by all TRTC applications under your account and charges them based on the resolution type.
Monthly durations are calculated in seconds and then converted to minutes (rounded up to the nearest minute).

Video duration

Video duration is the video duration of a recording file delivered by TRTC.
Resolution type
Output resolution
≤ 1280 x 720 (inclusive)
1280 x 720 - 1920 x 1080 (inclusive)
1920 x 1080 - 2560 x 1440 (inclusive)
2560 x 1440 - 4096 x 2176 (inclusive)
If a recording file contains both video and audio, only the video duration will be charged.
 Durations of different resolution types are charged separately.

Audio duration

Audio duration is the audio duration of a recording file delivered by TRTC.

Billing Examples

Audio-only streams

Suppose three users communicated over audio for 10 minutes in a TRTC room. The call was recorded, and the recording file generated was delivered to a third-party storage service.

The room's recording delivery fee would be Unit price for delivering audio recording files to third-party storage x Recording file duration = 0.13 USD/1,000 minutes x (10 minutes ÷ 1,000) = 0.0013 USD.

Audio and video streams

Suppose users A, B and C were in a TRTC call for 10 minutes and the entire call was recorded. The output resolution was set to FHD, and the recording file generated was delivered to Tencent Cloud COS. The streams published by the users and their resolutions are as follows:
Stream published
Input Resolution
Output Resolution
Billing Type
Audio only
FHD (1920 x 1080)
Recording delivery to Tencent Cloud - FHD
Video + Audio
640 x 360
Video only
1920 x 1080
Recording delivery fees are charged based on the duration and resolution of the recording file delivered.
The room's recording delivery fee would be Unit price for delivering FHD recording files to Tencent Cloud x Recording file duration = 0.29 USD/1,000 minutes x (10 minutes ÷ 1,000) = 0.0029 USD.