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After an application is created, you can view details about the application through configuration management, including basic application information, bypass live broadcast information, TRTC service status, and Tag.

Application Information

Application Basic Information

1. Go to the TRTC console and select Application Management in the lower right corner of the overview page to view the application list.
2. Select the application which application information you want to modify and click Manage.

3. On the Application Details page, view the basic application information and version information of the current application in the Application Information module on the Overview.

Application Name
The name is user-defined when the application is created. You can customize the name.
Application introduction description, it can be customized modification.
The application supports setting Tags to mark some service information. Read more.
The SDKAppID, which is automatically generated after an application is created, is the unique identifier of the application. You need to provide this parameter when invoking the voice API interface.
Used to initialize the key information of the SDK configuration file
The region selected when the application is created
Creation time
Time when the application was successfully created.
Application status display, you can change the application status in the lower drop-down bar.

Modify the Application Information

1. In Application Management, select one you want to modify and click Manage in the right operation column to go to the application details page.
2. In Basic information, view the Application Information module and click Modify on the right.

3. In the Modify Application Information dialog box, you can modify the Application Name and description. Click Confirm to save it.

An application name can contain up to 15 digits, letters, Chinese characters, and underscores
Description can contain up to 300 digits, letters, Chinese characters, and underscores.

Application version information

The default RTC Engine application is Free Trial. You can open a paid version to unlock value-added functions based on service requirements. For details, see Function and Charging Description.
Free Trail
Call application requires a 7-day Free Trial. You can open a paid version to unlock corresponding value-added functions according to your business needs. For more details, see Function and Charging Description.
1-to-1 Call
Group Call
Edition Information
The monthly version of the current app, The RTC Engine defaults to Free Trial and the Call requires a 7-day Free Trial. You can enable a paid version to unlock value-added functions based on service requirements. For details, see Function and Billing Description.
Details: Show the basic audio and video functions, value-added audio and video functions and supported SDK platforms of the current monthly package.
Get the trial version for free: Each application can receive 2 times (maximum 10 times per account) Free Trial qualification, each validity period is 7 days, experience version capabilities and pro version capabilities are the same. Note: After the subscription version is opened during the validity period of the experience version, the current experience version will be invalid and converted to the package version that you have paid for.
Expiration Time
The expiration time corresponding to the monthly version of the current application. At the same time, you can manually purchase the same version to renew. If you need to replace the paid version, please submit a work order for processing.
Automatic Renewal
Enable the automatic renewal function of the current application monthly package.

Applicaiton Status

The service status of the current application (SDKAppID) can be normal or disabled. The TRTC service is available in the normal state and unavailable in the disabled state.
For applications that are not actively disabled by you, it may be caused by the failure to enable postpayment or arrears. Please enable the application after the corresponding postpayment or purchase the audio and video duration pack and the arrears are rectified to ensure the normal availability of services. For more details.

TRTC Service Status

This section mainly displays the status of real-time audio and video basic services and value-added services of the current application, including Normal and Disabled states.
When the status is normal, real-time audio and video basic services and value-added services can be used normally. In order to ensure the continued normal availability of services, please renew the package in time and keep the balance of Tencent Cloud account sufficient.

When the status is Disabled, real-time audio and video basic services and value-added services are unavailable. Check whether the following situation exists:

Disable Application

1. Select the More drop-down menu and click Disable Application

2. Read the Deactivation Statement and click Disable to confirm the deactivation.

3. After the disable is successfully initiated, it takes 3 to 5 minutes for the full shutdown to take effect.

Enable Application

1. Click Enable Application

2. Read the Enabling Statement and click Enable.

3. After the enable operation is successfully initiated, it takes 3 to 5 minutes for the full effect to take effect. You need to refresh the page later.

Delete Application

1. Select the More drop-down menu and click Delete Application

2. Read the Deletion Statement and click Delete to confirm deletion

3. Note After the deletion is successfully initiated, it takes 3 to 5 minutes for the deletion to take effect.
After Disable/Delete takes effect, only new users will be blocked from entering the room. Users who have entered the room before taking effect will still be charged normally. You can forcibly close a room in use by using the dissolving Room interface.
After the Disable/Delete takes effect, the application's basic services (Call/RTC Engine) and value-added services (MixTranscoding, On-Cloud Recording, etc.) will be unavailable.
In normal state, the application cannot be deleted. Please disable it before deleting it.


Tags are used to identify and organize your various resources in Tencent Cloud. For example, an enterprise may have multiple business departments, and each department has one or more TRTC applications. In this case, the enterprise can add labels to the TRTC applications to mark the department information.

Add Tag

1. You can view the all product application list in Application Management. You can view the Tag of each application on this page.
2. Click Manage, the application details page is displayed. Click the edit icon on the right of the label.

3. Go to the Tag Edit TAB and select the Tag Key and Tag Value that have been created in label management.

If an existing Tag does not meet your requirements, go to Tag Management to create it.
You can add multiple labels to an application. Click + Add to create a new label configuration box.
4. Click OK to save. The console will refresh the box to show whether the modification is successful.

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