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RTC-Engine Monthly Package Refund Policy

Refund Supported Within 5 Days

To make it more convenient for you to use Tencent Real-Time Communication, after the RTC-Engine monthly package is purchased and if the gifted duration supplement package in the monthly package is not used within 5 days, Tencent Cloud supports a partial refund based on the remaining days within 5 days. Refunds are not supported in other situations.
The following situations are not within the scope of refund supported within 5 days:
If it has been more than 5 days (excluding 5 days) since the monthly package was purchased, the package does not support a refund.
If the gifted audio/video call duration in the purchased monthly package has been used, regardless of whether it has been used up, the package does not support a refund.
Monthly packages that are not purchased by you, such as event gifts, do not support returns and refunds.
If a user's account is suspended due to content violation, none of the monthly packages under the account supports refunds.

Refund Instructions

For a single account, if you are eligible for the refund scenarios supported within 5 days, and you can apply for a refund within 5 days.
In case of suspected abnormality or malicious returns, Tencent Cloud has the right to reject your return application.
For orders that meet the refund scenarios supported within 5 days, the refund amount will be the total consumed amount at the time of purchase, including the cash account balance, revenue transfer account balance, and gift account balance.
After the return and refund application is accepted, if there are any frozen fees, they will be unfrozen at the time of refund, and returned to your Tencent Cloud account according to the account freezing instructions.
Deductions or cash coupons will not be refunded.
The refund amount will be returned in full via the original channel to the payer's Tencent Cloud account.

Refund Method

Refunds for monthly packages can only be applied for by submitting a ticket.
Before initiating a return and refund, please make sure you meet the rules of refund instructions.
You can view the return order on the income and expenditure details page. If the order status is Refunded, you can view the payment on the billing center page.

Submit a Refund Ticket

1. Choose Console > Ticket System > Submit a Ticket to enter the ticket application page.
2. Search for or directly select Tencent Real-Time Communication TRTC in the search box on the right.
3. Select the issue type as Billing and Refund Issues and create a ticket.
4. Enter the ticket creation page, fill out the corresponding information, and click Submit a Ticket.

Refund Example

User A purchased the RTC-Engine monthly package for $499/month for the standard version at 08:00:00 on March 1, 2023. The refund was initiated at 07:59:59 on March 6, 2023. At the time of initiating the refund, the gifted audio and video duration package in the monthly package had not been used yet.
Then: Refund amount = $499 × (31-5) / 31 = $418.51