Starter Deal! First 3 month from only  $9.9 /month!
Starter Deal! First 3 month from only  $9.9 /month!
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Starter Plan

To help you minimize initial project costs, we offer a Starter Plan designed specifically for new users. This plan allows you to access the official subscription monthly packages of our various products at a significantly reduced price for up to three months.


Who Can Purchase

The Starter Plan is available to anyone who has not previously purchased the corresponding product.

Starter Plan Package Features and Pricing

Starter Plan Price
Starter Plan-Product Features
Starter Plan Duration
All Versions Prices
RTC Engine
9.9 USD/month
Buy now
All RTC Engine Lite features
Pay-as-you-go supported
Free Minutes: 10,000 mins
Package Bonus Minutes: 50,000 mins
Free Trial: 0 USD/14 days Apply
Lite: 49.5 USD/month
Standard: 499 USD/month
Pro: 1,499 USD/month
39.9 USD/month
Buy now
All Conference Standard features
1,000 MAU
Pay-as-you-go supported
Free Minutes: 10,000 mins
Package Bonus Minutes: 50,000 mins
Free Trial: 0 USD/14 days Apply
Lite: 299 USD/month
Standard: 599 USD/month
Pro: 899 USD/month
Coming soon
Coming soon
Beauty AR
Coming soon
More Billing Explanation: Free Minutes; Package Bonus Minutes; Pay-As-You-Go.

Validity Period

The package is valid from the day of purchase to the same day the following month. For example, if a package was bought on March 1st, 2024, its validity period would be from March 1st, 2024 to April 1st, 2024.

How to Use

The package becomes effective immediately after purchase, and the package features directly bind to the application, identified by the SDKAppID. It depends on which application you selected at the time of purchase. If you have multiple applications that need to use the same product capability, you need to purchase multiple packages.

For example, if your application 123456 has purchased the Conference, and your other application 222222 also wants to use the Conference features, you will need to purchase another Conference package specifically for application 222222.

Renewal and Purchase Limit

All starter plans are one-time package and do not support auto-renewal. Under the same application ( SDKAppID), if there is already an active package, you cannot purchase the same product package again. To avoid affecting your normal use, if you need to continue using the service after it expires, you can purchase a new package within 5 days of the current package's expiration. Your service will remain available for use for up to five days after the expiration date.
Each account can purchase a Starter Plan for each product up to three times. For example, if you have already purchased the RTC Engine Starter plan three times, you can still purchase the Conference Starter plan three times.

Pay-as-You-Go Supported

During the validity period of a package, the pay-as-you-go privileges are automatically activated for your account. Any usage beyond the package will be charged on a daily postpaid basis, ensuring the continuous service. For the pay-as-you-go billing mode, please check here.
After the package expires, if you do not have any valid packages, your pay-as-you-go privileges will be deactivated. To continue using the service, we recommend subscribing to our official monthly package with automatic renewal. Alternatively, you can choose to repurchase the Starter Package (each user can purchase a package for each product up to three times).


Question 1: Why did my order fail?

Answer: There are two possible reasons. One is that you may not meet the purchase requirements for the promotion, such as not being a new user or having reached the maximum number of purchases allowed. The other is that you have a pending payment order. Please check the Console for any pending payments. If the payment is not finished within 15 minutes, the order will be automatically canceled, and you can place a new order afterward.

Question 2: What happens when I use up the package duration?

Answer: If the duration in the package is exhausted and the package has not yet reached its expiration, the exceeded duration will be settled and billed according to the pay-as-you-go pricing.

Question 3: Why can't I renew my starter plan?

Answer: The starter plan is one-time package and do not offer the option for auto-renewal. If you need to continue using the service after the expiration of your current starter plan, you have the option to purchase the starter plan again or upgrade to one of our official plans. Our official plans come with both manual and automatic renewal options to ensure uninterrupted service.

Question 4: I have purchased the Conference Starter Plan three times. Can I still buy Starter Plans for other products?

Answer: Yes, as long as you haven't purchased the regular package for the corresponding product, you can repeatedly buy Starter Plans for different products. Each product's Starter Plan can be purchased up to three times.


1. Both main and sub-accounts can purchase this package. They can only purchase three packages in total. Agent account purchases are not supported.
2. Tencent RTC reserves the right to revoke resources from accounts engaged in illegal activities.
3. Tencent RTC reserves the right to the final interpretation of this activity.
If there is any problem, please contact us or submit a ticket.