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Starter Deal! First 3 month from only $9.9 /month!
Starter Deal! First 3 month from only $9.9 /month!
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Global, Flexible, and Efficient: Next-Generation RTC SDK

Global, Flexible, and Efficient: Seamless Integration with Next-Generation RTC SDK
Superior Connection Stability
Superior Connection Stability

High-Quality Communication in Poor Networks

Actual Test Anti Packet Loss Rate Exceed 80% Anti Network Jitter Exceed 1000ms In poor network environment, RTC SDK still be able to provide high quality audio and video communication.
Diverse Scenarios

Everything You Need to Create a Flexible and Comprehensive Real-time Experience

  • Voice Calling
  • Video Calling
  • Interactive Live Streaming
  • Broadcast Streaming
Flexible RTC SDKs and APIs empower you to manage and customize every aspect of your stunning application.
Diverse Scenarios
Most Flexible SDK Ever
Most Flexible SDK Ever

Create Clear and Reliable Interactive Experiences for Global Audiences with RTC Engine

  • Optimized Global Deployment
  • All-platform Support
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Cross-platform Global Interconnection
  • Fully-Customizable
Unleash the full potential of diverse applications across various industries and accelerate your time to market, using our strong RTC SDK to build everything related to communication you need.

RTC Engine Advantageous Features

    All-platform Support

    Accommodate users across 20,000+ devices and various platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, web, Flutter, Electron, Unity, Unreal, and React Native.

    Global Deployment

    Provide services for users from over 200 countries and regions. GDPR compliant.

    Perform Outstanding Across All Network Conditions

    Sustain tens of millions of concurrent requests with at least 99.9% service availability guaranteed by SLA.

    AI-powered Noise Cancellation

    Minimize background noise using AI-powered Noise Cancellation based on deep learning.

    Spatial Audio

    The unique spatial audio technology brings a virtual stereo sense to listeners, creates a 3D immersive experience.

    Layout Customization

    Define your app brand and style with SDKs or use UIKits as templates.

    Monitoring Dashboard

    Provide comprehensive quality troubleshooting and real-time quality monitoring services.

    Special Effects Beauty

    Provide basic beauty and filter functions.

20,000+ devices

High Compatibility

200+ countries

Optimized Global Deployment

<300 ms

Global End-to-end Latency

99.9% SLA

High Stability & Availability

Every Industry Can Find Customized Solutions

Online Education

Online Education

Create interactive virtual classrooms with face-to-face learning.



Stay connected and enjoy happy hours with friends even when you are far apart.

Work Collaboration

Work Collaboration

Enable smooth remote collaboration to improve work efficiency.



Make medical resources accessible worldwide through video and voice diagnosis.

Interactive Video Streaming

Interactive Video Streaming

Welcome a large audience to immersive interactivities.

Online Events

Online Events

Bring delegates from around the world together.

Tencent Cloud has many success stories in Japan in terms of real-time distribution and live streaming technologies,which further enhances our confidence in Tencent Cloud services.


5000+ brands that use RTC