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Starter Deal! First 3 month from only $9.9 /month!
Starter Deal! First 3 month from only $9.9 /month!
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Seamlessly Integrate Video and Voice Calling with Ease

Seamlessly Integrate Video and Voice Calling with Ease
Pre-built UIKits
Pre-built UIKits

Get Your Calls Within 30 Minutes

Use our UIKits to deliver in-app voice and video calling with just a few lines of code changes. Highly user-friendly integration of video and voice call SDK allows you to focus more on customizing your app.
Comprehensive Scenarios

All-in-one Calling Solution Cater to Every Need

  • 1-to-1 Call
  • Group Call
  • Video Call
  • Voice Call
You can call your friends directly, or initiate a video and voice call in group chats, and even invite others to join an ongoing call. Our voice and video SDK offers ultimate flexibility for any video chat scenario, whether you're looking to have a casual chat, consultation, or diagnosis.
Comprehensive Scenarios
User Experience
User Experience

Make Your Calls Efficient and Convenient

  • Offline Push
  • Virtual Background
  • Floating Window
We have integrated a host of inspiring features into our SDKs that make your voice and video calls smarter and more engaging than ever before. Our strong voice-video calling SDK and innovative features have been designed to help you build stronger connections and enjoy a more seamless video calls experience

Inspiring features amplify your video and voice calls beyond imagination

    Call Notifications and Offline Push

    If the application is not in the foreground, push notifications will be sent.

    Floating Window

    The call page can be displayed as a floating window.

    Virtual Background

    During a video call, you can set a blurred background or picture background.

    On-Cloud Recording

    Allows you to record and save your audio/video call.

    All-platform Support

    Supports 20,000+ devices across platforms including iOS, Android, Web, Flutter, and Web.

    AI Noise Suppression

    Removes background noises in your video and voice call with the help of AI.

    Less Stutter Under Poor Network Conditions

    Reduces stutter rate and loading time under poor network conditions.

    Global Deployment

    Service available in over 200 countries and regions with an average end-to-end latency of less than 300 ms for cross-border connections. GDPR compliant.

20,000+ devices

High Compatibility

200+ countries

Optimized Global Deployment

<300 ms

Global End-to-end Latency

99.9% SLA

High Stability & Availability

Use Call to Enhance Any Type of User Experience

Social & Community

Make social contact more captivating with live video chat. Meet new friends and initiate voice and video calls, talk to your friends online and share your daily routine, with a simple video and voice call SDK.

Social & Community


Sales and Consult

Online Education

A Few Lines of Code, Say Goodbye to Busy Works





import { TUICallKit, TUICallKitServer, TUICallType } from "@tencentcloud/call-uikit-react";
export default function App() {
  const init = async () => {
    await TUICallKitServer.init({ userID: 'user1', userSig: 'xxxxxxxxxxx', SDKAppID: 1400000001 });
  const call = async () => {
    await TUICallKitServer.call({ userID: 'user2', type: TUICallType.VIDEO_CALL });

  return (
      <TUICallKit style={{ width: '960px', height: '630px', margin: '0 auto' }}></TUICallKit>
      <div style={{ width: 350, margin: '0 auto' }}>
          <button onClick={init}> step1: init </button>
          <button onClick={call}> step2: 1v1 call </button>

Tencent Cloud has many success stories in Japan in terms of real-time distribution and live streaming technologies,which further enhances our confidence in Tencent Cloud services.


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