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Customize Your Beauty: Tencent Beauty AR Web SDK Offers Infinite Flexibility

Tencent RTC - Dev Team

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Web AR beauty enhancement technology is rapidly gaining popularity across mobile applications and social media platforms. Users are captivated by the ability to instantly enhance their appearance in photos and videos. With just a few clicks, they can apply face filters that make them look more attractive, directly influencing how they present themselves online.



Users can access web ar beauty enhancement features directly from their web browsers without the need to download and install additional applications. This increases accessibility and convenience.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Browserbased AI inference ensures compatibility across different devices and operating systems, allowing users to enjoy web ar beauty enhancements regardless of their device.

Low Barrier to Entry

Integrating web ar beauty enhancement features into web applications lowers the barrier to entry for developers and users. Developers can easily incorporate these features into their web applications without requiring specialized knowledge, and users can access them without additional setup.


Performing AI inference on the clientside reduces the need to transmit sensitive user data to remote servers, enhancing privacy and security. Users can enjoy web ar beauty enhancements without concerns about their data being stored or processed externally.

However, many users face challenges with beauty enhancement technologies that require complex installations, advanced technical knowledge, or highend devices.

Tencent Beauty AR Web SDK is offering a solution that is accessible and userfriendly. It is tailored for web platforms, prioritizing user experience with seamless integration, rich features, and minimal latency. Custom effects creation tools allow users to personalize and innovate, supported by a professional technical team dedicated to maximizing SDK potential and ensuring optimal outcomes.


Customizable Professional Creation Tools

Tencent Beauty AR Web provides users great freedom to adjust and achieve the desired filter effects they want. It provides a professional AR creation platform that allows users to combine all effects in real time, or creating effects that better fit your own business scenarios through an interactive, simple, and userfriendly operation interface.

AI Configuration: Leveraging advanced AI algorithms to adapt and enhance each effect intuitively.

Process Control: Users maintain complete control over the creation process, ensuring that each detail aligns with their vision.

Effect Importation: The platform supports easy importation of custom effects, enabling limitless creativity, further enhancing the diversity and uniqueness of its AR experience.


Outstanding Recogition Tech and Processing Speed

Advanced AI Recognition Tech

With 468 facial detail adjustments, it helps users achieve perfect presentation of every detail. This technology is suitable for online makeup trial applications, allowing users to accurately test and experience various beauty effects in a virtual environment.

Real time Processing

Each frame is processed in as little as 4 milliseconds, maintaining the integrity of the beauty effects in real time and eliminating any lag, thus preventing the awkward ''makeup removal' moments during live sessions.



Tencent Beauty AR Web provides various beauty effects and tools such as skin smoothing, facial adjustments, filters, makeup tryon, stickers, virtual avatars, virtual backgrounds, etc., to meet the diverse needs of users for self-presentation.

Beautification features: Enhance a user’s appearance in videos by smoothing skin, removing blemishes, and adjusting facial features.

Color filters: Provides more than 20 filter effects, including color adjustments and stylized filters, to add diverse visual effects to videos.

Customized Makeup: It also supports individually adjusting eye shadow, eyelashes, eyebrows, lipstick, blush, contouring, and other individual module effects. Each module can be finetuned to personal preference, allowing users to achieve their desired look with precision and ease.

2D/3D stickers: Add various stickers to videos, including dynamic expressions, text, icons, and 3D props, bringing fun and personalized elements.

Virtual avatar: Users can change their appearance, play different roles, and convey realtime expressions in videos, while enriching video content and protecting user privacy.

Virtual Backgrounds: Virtual backgrounds serve a variety of purposes in video calls and online meetings, including protecting privacy, providing a professional appearance, displaying your brand, enhancing visual appeal and creative expression.



From social media apps and video calling platforms to online broadcasting and ecommerce, Tencent Beauty AR Web SDK is transforming how beauty is enhanced across industries.

Social Media Applications

Most social media platforms have builtin web ar beauty enhancement features. Users can apply various filters and beauty effects when taking or uploading photos and videos.

Video Calling Applications

Applications with online chat often provide web ar beauty enhancement features to make users look more refined during video calls.

Online Live Streaming Platforms

Online live streaming platforms also often have web ar beauty enhancement features, allowing streamers to maintain a good appearance during live broadcasts.

Webcam Applications

Some camera applications are specifically designed for taking photos and recording videos. They usually also provide various beauty filters and effects to enhance users' appearance.


In some ecommerce applications, especially when sellers want to increase the attractiveness of product listings, web ar beauty enhancement technology may be used to optimize products display images and videos to attract shoppers.


Tencent Beauty AR Web SDK not only enriches user interactions but also offers businesses innovative ways to engage with their audience. Whether enhancing personal vlogs, conducting professional meetings, or engaging in creative presentations, Tencent offers a professional technical support team to provide clients with comprehensive technical support and services, ensuring clients can fully unleash the potential of the SDK to achieve the best results and user experience.

If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is always ready to help. Please feel free to Contact Us or join us in Telegram.