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Starter Deal! First 3 month from only  $9.9 /month!
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Tencent RTC Quickplay: Experience Ultimate Real-Time Audio and Video Interaction!

Tencent RTC - Dev Team

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What is Tencent RTC Quickplay?

RTC Quickplay is a web-based real-time video call demo developed using the RTC Engine SDK and Beauty AR SDK. No registration is required - simply click "Create Room" to start experiencing audio and video calls instantly.


Features and Usage

1. Create Room: Start your own audio and video call room. (Please confirm that you have enabled the microphone and camera permissions in your system settings or browser settings.)


2. Invite Friends: Share your room link to invite others.


3. Beauty AR: Enhance your appearance during video calls.


4. Call Duration Limit: As RTC Quickplayis for experience use only, there is a certain limit on the experience duration. If you are not logged into Tencent RTC, your single call duration is 3 minutes. If you are logged into Tencent RTC, your single call duration is 15 minutes. If you exit the room or exceed the call duration, you can recreate a room to start a new call.

How to develop a "RTC Quickplay-like" application?

As a professional real-time audio and video solution provider, Tencent RTC offers a variety of SDK products to meet your diverse business needs.

Call SDK: If you want to develop an application similar to RTC Quickplay, the Call SDK is the most suitable and cost-effective solution. It includes 1-to-1 Call, group call, video call, voice call, and more. It also provides UIKit and supports multiple platforms including web, iOS, Android, and Flutter, which can accelerate the time-to-market of your product.

Conference: A low-code meeting SDK with UI, helping you integrate a "Zoom-like" feature in your application.

RTC Engine: A customizable RTC SDK with powerful features, enabling you to quickly build real-time audio and video call functions in any scenario.

Beauty AR: Includes beauty mode, filters, stickers, and other AI effects. All in one SDK to make your application more attractive.

Tencent RTC pricing

All Tencent RTC accounts activated can receive free 10,000 minutes per month. The free minutes can be used to deduct minutes generated by Audio and Video Calls, Interactive Live Streaming, On-cloud Recording, and On-Cloud MixTranscoding.

More billing details, please see billing overview.

If you are interested in building an audio and video application, or would like to request a demonstration, please feel free to contact us.